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APC Roofing Services is a trustworthy  Gaithersburg roofing company with a team of highly skilled workmen. We specialize in offering the highest quality roof repairs and replacement that stand the test of time.

Will homeowners insurance pay for a new roof?

If you own an all-perils homeowner’s insurance, you can claim coverage for a new roof. However, your insurer may offer coverage only if the damage or destruction is due to an act of nature like hail, heavy rains, or storm. Your insurer may not cover roof damage due to general wear and tear or poor maintenance. Furthermore, roofs older than 20 years are subject to limited coverage. Check with your insurer to know the extent of coverage they offer for getting a new roof.

For faster and easy approval of your claim, be sure to maintain proper records of all repairs, before-and-after photos, inspection reports, etc. Furthermore, you must pay the policy deductible before you can receive your coverage. We are the #1  Gaithersburg roofing company to offer exceptional siding, windows, doors, and roof repair services at low prices.

Benefits of metal roofs

Metal roofing is a highly preferred roofing trend in recent times due to the benefits it offers. While roofs, in general, do not last for more than 15-20 years, metal roofs are more durable and offer the following benefits:

  • It lasts for over 40 years with proper maintenance and upkeep.
  • It comes in unique designs to complement and accent your home interior and decor.
  • Metal roofs encompass interlocking panels for maximum resistance to fire, hail, winds, and storms.

Besides, it keeps the home cooler and helps homeowners save on energy bills. We offer metal roof repairs and installation services for commercial and residential properties at affordable prices.

Common roof issues

An issue with your roof can mean exposing your entire home to potential water damage and a number of other safety and health hazards. Some of the common roofing issues include:

  • Poor installation – Badly installed roofs are more likely to suffer from water leaks. Installation mistakes like incorrect tile placement, poorly installed gutters, chimneys, and flashings can misdirect water and cause water to seep into your home.
  • Damage from moisture – Moisture can easily seep through the cracks in your roof into the walls of your house. Moisture can easily pass through missing tiles, missing or broken shingles, clogged gutters, etc.
  • Damage from trees – Overhanging tree branches can shed dead and dry leaves onto your roof, which can pass on moisture to your roof and affect its integrity. Often, heavy rains and storms can cause an overhanging tree branch to crash on your roof, breaking a couple of shingles. Broken shingles are the foremost cause of water leaks and growth of mold, moss, and roof deck rot.

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